Results W/E 30th July 2017

Open Week 2017  Day 9

Sponsored by Martin Ward Golf Ltd.

18 Holes Singles Stableford.    Fri.28th  July


1St  Jim Griffin(18)                                 41pts

2nd Richard O’Connell(14)                            38pts

Gross: Sean Myatt(4)                                 34pts

3rd Leo Herbert(11)                                  37pts

4th Gerry Daly(16)                                   36pts

5th Michael Meagher(1                                36pts


CSS: Home : = 73 = 33pts Away = 73 = 33pts Reduction Only LADIES

1st  Nuala D’Auria(36)                               33pts

2nd Della Burns(15)                                  33pts

Gross: Shannon Hegarty(6)                            18pts

3rd Ann O’Loughlin(18)                               33pts

4th Flor Coffey(22)                                  32pts

CSS: Home/Away = 75 = 33pts


Bell Trophy

Sat.29th  / Sun.30th July 2017


Sponsored by Cummins Car Centre Toyota

1st  John Guilfoyle(17)                                        64 nett

2nd Andrew Whelan(5)                                           65 nett

Gross: Alan Butler(4)                                          75

3rd Liam Mc Cannon(14)                                         67 nett

4th Liam Behan(8)                                              68 nett


CSS Sat.29th = 72. Sun.30th = 71


Congratulations to Andrew Whelan Hole in One on the 2nd