President’s Prize 2016 Mr. Tony Kehoe Sat.13th / Sun.14th Aug.

President’s Prize 2016  Mr. Tony Kehoe Sat.13th / Sun.14th Aug.

Men’s Results

1st    Michael Meagher(12)                                      42pts
2nd   Senan Ryan(9)                                                 39pts
Gross:  John J McInerney(4)                                  32pts
3rd   Cormac O’Neill(20)                                         38pts
4th   Killian O’Donnell(17)                                      38pts
5th   Bryan Guilfoyle(19)                                         37pts
CAT A: 1st  Tom Saunders(7)                                 37pts
2nd  John Fitzpatrick(6)                                         37pts
CAT B: 1st  Joseph O’Brien(16)                              37pts
2nd  John Blessington(10)                                      37pts
CAT C: 1st  Michael Torpey(22)                             36pts
2nd  Pierce Cahill(28)                                              35pts

PAST PRESIDENT: Noel Pyne                               32pts

GUEST:    Pat McCarthy                                           33pts

CSS Sat. = 71=35pts. Sun. = 70 = 36pts


Ladies’ Results

1st Sarah Cunningham       (0)  35 pts
2nd Helen Gallery          (26) 34 pts
Gross Valerie Hassett       22   gross
3rd  Aoife Maher           (21) 43 pts (Note)
4th  Isabel O Neill        (13) 41 pts (Note)
Cat A 1st Suzanne Deane    (15) 31 pts
Cat A 2nd Elaine Kelly     (20) 31 pts
Cat B 1st Phil Butler      (25) 34 pts
Cat B 2nd Norah Lynch      (26) 33 pts

Note: Juniors cannot win main prizes

CSS both days 75 (34 pts)

309 Gents & 80 Ladies played over the 2 days to honor our President.