Masters Challenge Competition 2021

Masters Challenge 2021

The Ennis Golf Club Masters Challenge Competition is now open for entries!

1st Prize €400
2nd Prize €250
3rd Prize €100

Entry Fee: €10 for One line – €20 for Three lines

Closing date for entry is Wednesday 7th April, @ 5.00pm

How it works

The qualifying golfers for the 2021 Masters have been divided into six groups.

To enter our competition, you select one golfer from each group.

Your score is calculated on the basis of each of the selected golfer’s actual score to par in the 2021 Masters at Augusta.

For example, if one golfer finishes on – 5, golfer two on + 15, golfer three on – 8, golfer four on – 1, and golfer five and six on level par, then the total score for the six golfers is +1.

Rules, Missed cuts and Ties

If one of your chosen golfers fails to make the cut then his/her score will be included in the final tally with an additional penalty of +10 shots.

If one or more of the golfers do not start, the highest ranked player (based on World Rankings set in early April, prior to the Masters) who does not start will be replaced with the highest ranked player who starts and is not already selected on your entry.

In the event of a tie after 4 rounds are completed, a countback will take place and the final score of the group six player selected will be assessed to determine the winner. If a tie remains this will go to the group 5 player and so on to group one. If a tie remains, the winner will be determined by lottery.

Masters Challenge 2021

Hello and Thank You for your interest in our Masters Challenge Competition.

This competition is now closed.

Starting on Thursday, April 8th, participants will receive daily updates via email after each round of the Masters.

The final result of our competition will be sent once the Masters 2021 at Augusta National has finished.

Thank you and the very best of luck to everyone who entered our competition!

Ennis Golf Club