Mr. Jim Horgan

Sat. 5th / Sun. 6th August

FIRST PRIZE:       Tom Gallery                106
SECOND PRIZE:  Peter Lyons                 107
THIRD PRIZE:         Kieran Patton          107
FOURTH PRIZE:      Fergus O’ Brien      107
GROSS FIRST:     Liam Behan                    75
GROSS SECOND: Sean Myatt                    75
FIFTH PRIZE:  David O’ Connor             108
SIXTH PRIZE:  Pat Mc Inerney                108
SEVENTH PRIZE: Ollie O’ Loughlin       109
EIGHT PRIZE:  Flan Lyons                        110
NINTH PRIZE:  Gerry Bredin                    110
TENTH PRIZE:  Liam Pyne                        110
CAT A:    Diarmuid O’ Connor                    112
CAT B:    Johnny Kearse                              110
CAT C:    Tom Fox                                         112
LEADING QUALIFIER:  Jim O’ Neill      110
PAST CAPTAIN:   Jason Woods                111
SENIOR PRIZE:    Tom Purcell                 111
GUEST PRIZE:   Bernard Hanrahan        112

CSS Sat.5th = 72  CSS Sun.6th 73

Congratulations to Jim and well done to everyone who helped in any way over the the weekend